Law Firm Wins Award For "Best Business Services Provider"

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Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers owes this prize to its unique vision and strategy within the debt recovery market.
Sander Bierens, CEO: “We fight for justice”

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers has been named the “Best Business Services Provider" in the Netherlands by the National Business Success Award institute. This honourable distinction was officially bestowed on this firm, which is the only law firm in the Netherlands focusing specifically on the legal aspects of debt recovery, on Sunday, 7 February during the television programme “De Nationale TV Succes Award Show” on RTL 7. In 2015, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers also won an award for the most successful business in the debt recovery sector.

Unique position

This international law firm owes its selection to its unique position and vision in the international credit management industry. That is to say, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is the only law firm specializing in debt recovery law and is internationally leading.

Due to the crisis, credit management has developed rapidly and become more sophisticated. As a result, claims transferred to third parties have become increasingly complex. Moreover, companies conduct more cross-border business, which can lead to more frequent international disputes. This requires more legal expertise, specialists in the field of debt recovery and knowledge of legislation in a wide range of countries. Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers meets this increasingly international demand. In addition, this law firm focuses on commercial debt recovery and only assists creditors.

The offices of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers employ in-house lawyers from twelve of the largest European economies, who have each specialised in debt recovery law in their country of origin. This way, Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is a strong service provider in disputes all over Europe and can offer a decisive service for cross-border assignments. This unique strategy has led to Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers having offices across Europe, as well as New York and Shanghai.

International success

“Because of the fact that we have many in-house specialists, it is possible to follow up quickly,” says Sander Bierens, CEO of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers. “We believe in justice for the creditor. When the creditor has provided a commercial service and is left with an unpaid account, then that is unfair. We ensure that payment is effected. In addition, we want this non-payment to remain a one-off; we educate the defaulter to prevent this happening again in the future.”

“We are indeed very proud to win the award for Best Business Services Provider in the Netherlands,” Bierens proceeds. “This underlines the idea that we are on the right path by ‘inventing’ the debt recovery lawyer. We have experienced considerable growth in recent years and want to develop further. By 2020, we would like to offer our unique services in 27 countries. It is our aim to be the most attractive debt recovery partner worldwide for commercial claims in Europe.” In the meantime, this firm is well on its way. Since 2000, this firm has achieved an average growth of twenty percent per annum.