Meet Zsanett Papp: Our Hungarian legal trainee

1 min.

At Bierens, we take pride in our traineeship programs, designed specifically to kickstart the careers of young professionals. Zsanett, our talented Hungarian legal trainee, joined the team in February to begin this exciting journey with us. Our traineeship programs place a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing the skills and talents of young professionals, empowering them to grow and thrive.

As Zsanett shares her experiences, she explains how the Bierens traineeship program has provided her with a solid foundation and the necessary tools to succeed in her legal career:

“Since day one, I have had the privilege of immersing myself in real cases and being entrusted with genuine responsibilities. I was able to gain immediate hands-on experience and hone my skills through a continuous learning process. The daily kickoffs, where we delve into complex cases and brainstorm potential solutions, have proven invaluable. By combining our collective knowledge and experiences, we attain a comprehensive overview of each case, ensuring excellence in our legal services.  Just four months into my traineeship, I was given the incredible opportunity to mentor newcomers, further elevating my level of responsibility. Being entrusted with this role after such a short period truly felt rewarding and reinforced my sense of value within the company.

The international environment in which I work transforms everyday office life into an exciting journey. Engaging in casual conversations over coffee makes for an intriguing exploration of diverse perspectives. Gaining insights into different legal systems broadens my understanding and expands my horizons. My colleagues share their cases and provide me with new insights. The growth potential in such an environment seems boundless, and whenever I have a question, my colleagues are always there to offer immediate assistance.

Moreover, alongside the countless professional development opportunities, the company offers a range of programs that make me feel valued and cared for. Social events create a wealth of possibilities to forge deeper connections with my colleagues, fostering a sense of trust and unity among us. Overall, this enriching experience has not only improved my legal expertise but has also nurtured a sense of belonging and appreciation within the company.”

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