New book of our Swedish lawyer Erik Rosqvist: the basis for debt collection in Sweden

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The use of promissory notes in Sweden

Our Swedish lawyer Erik Rosqvist knows a lot about debt recovery in Sweden. Recently, he published a book concerning this topic: ‘Skuldebrevsrätten: en introduktion’. This book addresses the use of Swedish promissory notes, these are legal instruments in which a debtor promises in writing to pay a determined sum of money to another party.


Applicable to all kinds of claims

In September this year, Erik’s book was published. He wrote it mainly for law students: “The goal of the book is to explain the use of promissory notes in Sweden in an educational manner. Although hand written promissory notes have become less relevant in Sweden due to the increasing number of electronic payments, the topic remains important”, Erik explains. “Knowledge on promissory notes is also applicable on written agreements, payment plans and invoices, in fact it is applicable on all types of monetary claims. Having accurate knowledge concerning this legislation is important for law students for developing an understanding of the fundamentals of debt collection in Sweden.”

Swedish language

Erik explains that the book is also relevant for practical lawyers: “Legislation in this area changes from time to time, hence the book is also useful for Swedish lawyers in commercial law.” Erik expects that new editions of his work will be published in the future, to keep the content up to date with the legislation in Sweden. Erik’s book is currently only available in the Swedish language, if the work will also be published in English is uncertain at this moment. You can order the book here.

Would you like to have more information on the book of Erik Rosqvist? Or do you have a question concerning debt collection in Sweden? Erik is glad to give you more information.