Spanish authorities release list of defaulters – part II

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Earlier this year we published an article regarding a list of notorious Spanish defaulters. Each person or company mentioned on that list, owed at least one million euro to the Spanish government. At the time, the list contained 4800 parties, worth a total debt of 15.6 billion euro to tax authorities in Spain. Recently, the Spanish tax authority (the Agencia Tributaria) updated this list of notorious debtors in Spain.

The new version of the list (the Listado de Deudores) contains less parties than the previous version. Although the number of defaulters has decreased, the total amount of debt has increased. Whereas the total sum was 15.6 billion euro in the beginning of this year, the Listado de Deudores now has a total sum of 15.7 billion euro.

Among the parties mentioned on the list are a number of famous persons and organizations. Professional football player Daniel Alves, motorcycle racer Dani Pedrosa and sports clubs such as Racing de Santander and Basquet Girona are mentioned on the list.

Consulting the list

Are you curious if your Spanish business partner is on the list? Or are you considering to conduct business with a Spanish company and you would like to know if this party is on the list? You can consult the Listado de Deudores of June 2016, here.