The Italian team

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Bierens is opening a new office in Rome. For years, our Italian attorneys have been fighting for justice for the creditor from all over Europe. Please allow us to take this opportunity to reintroduce our Italian team.

Avvocate Daniele Geruzzi – Attorney Italian law (IT)

I graduated maxima cum laude in Italy and was subsequently employed as a trainee attorney by the Government Legal Service. In 2003, I became a certified attorney. From then onwards, my successful career started at various law firms. My duties comprised advising in the area of civil law (including conducting national legal proceedings), drafting commercial contracts and negotiating these. In 2009, I moved from Italy to the Netherlands. Shortly after, I started employment at Bierens as an attorney specialised in Italian law and debt recovery matters in my native country.

Dott. Andrea Candiano – Lawyer Italian law (IT)

In 2012, I graduated from the LUMSA University (Rome) in Law with a speciality in administrative law. During my studies, I participated in an exchange programme, which allowed me to live in Spain and study at the Universidad Europea de Valencia. As a student, I was employed as a lawyer, but after I had completed my studies, I felt it necessary to expand my knowledge and expertise in the form of a specialism.

That is why in 2012, I started my master’s degree in International Business Law (LL.M) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I subsequently graduated from there in July 2013 with a thesis on International Private Law called, “Regulatory Instruments for a Harmonised European Procedure in International Debt Recovery” (Regelgeving voor een geharmoniseerd Europese procedure voor het internationaal incasso). Since May 2013, I have been employed at Bierens Incasso Advocaten. I am Italian, but I also speak English, Spanish and Dutch.