International practice expanding! Intern Vivienne Broeze joins Bierens German Desk

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Our international practice is growing fast! As more and more companies are dealing with international debtors, the demand for international debt collection specialists has increased.

Intern Vivienne Broeze, joined Bierens in January 2019, strengthening our German desk. Working alongside our highly experienced, knowledgeable lawyers including Angelika Ungar and Katja Quensel, Vivienne will support our German team with debt collection cases, case appeals and reviewing and drafting terms and conditions for German companies or companies wanting to conduct business in Germany.

Meet Vivienne

With a strong sense of justice and wanting to help people, Vivienne decided to study law at the University of Augsburg near Munich.

Having completed her studies, she began practicing her trade for at WTW, a local law for in Munich. From then, Vivienne also gained further experience working for the Munich court (Rechtbank) as well as working as a public prosecutor.

Originally born in Baarn, Vivienne felt a need to go back home and missing the open-minded mentality of the Dutch people, she moved back to the Netherlands in December 2018.

Vivienne is a highly determined, empathetic lawyer in the making and is exciting about the opportunities Bierens provides to grow and learn. Speaking Dutch, German and English, Vivienne hopes to become specialised in both German and Dutch law.

Debt recovery in Germany

When asked about recovering debt in Germany, Vivienne advises that it’s best to speak with your debtor first, remaining calm and professional at all times. Generally, German companies like to pay on time and deliver on what they have promised. However, if a company fails to make payment or stick to a payment plan, you should immediately engage the services of a debt recovery lawyer.

With a precise, methodical attitude and approachable nature, Vivienne ensures that creditors are aware of their rights and what they are entitled too; fighting for them to receive justice.

More information?

Do you have unpaid invoices from a German customer, or would you like more information about collections in Germany? Vivienne and her colleagues can help. Get in touch today!