The Bierens Legal Traineeship is a unique international oriented program for ambitious law school graduates. For a period of 20 weeks, you (together with 1 or 2 legal trainees) will be working at our international headquarters in Amsterdam, where you will build your own network and legal practice, focusing on international law and the law in your country of origin.

What does the traineeship entail?

What makes the traineeship unique is the combination between in-house commercial and business training which is provided on top of your legal training at Bierens. The business training entails all facets of running and setting up a business, from business development to online marketing. During and after the training sessions, we will help you in building your own legal business practice within the international Bierens umbrella.

When does the traineeship start and what is the goal?

Every year Bierens recruits 2-3 new trainees. The upcoming traineeship will start in February 2020. All trainees will be working together and have both individual and group objectives. At our office in Amsterdam, Bierens employs international attorneys of 20 different European countries which will create the opportunity for you to gain international legal knowledge. Furthermore, Bierens employs several professionals who will train and coach you to develop commercial and business skills. Your main goal in this traineeship program is to broaden and hone your legal skills combined with developing your entrepreneurial talent and become part of an international operating organisation of lawyers throughout Europe.

Are you interested?

Click on the button ‘Apply’ and upload your motivational letter and CV. If you have any further questions concerning this vacancy please contact Felix Bindels (HR Advisor).

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