A bit of communication, understanding and compromise

A bit of communication, understanding and compromise




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Since we specialise in debt collection, we have most likely heard all the excuses that debtors come up with. But there are also plenty of companies who genuinely want to pay but are struggling to do so. In that case, a softer approach is necessary, which can help both our client and debtor.

In this case, a Dutch client working in the construction sector approached us. A Polish debtor had purchased building materials but never paid the outstanding amount.


The invoices had been left unpaid for some time. Initially, the debtor refused to pay without giving any sound reason and refused to communicate. After several phone calls, our debt collection specialists at the Polish Desk could finally get hold of the debtor. The debtor was approached in his language, making him more inclined to talk. Once he opened up and explained his side of the story, it all became clear as to why he did not pay. Apparently, the debtor was in a very poor financial situation and on the verge of bankruptcy. It wasn’t the case that the debtor did not want to pay, he didn’t have the means to pay.

Our approach

That’s when our debt collection specialist knew that a different approach was necessary to allow the debtor to pay off his debt. Instead of making the debtor pay the entire amount, the debtor was asked to do additional work. Both the debtor and creditor agreed to this arrangement. Eventually, the creditor was extremely satisfied that the debtor could help with several urgent projects, which was a much faster and more efficient solution rather than waiting for the debtor to gather the funds for the payment. The debtor also did not go bankrupt. Not only was this arrangement beneficial for both parties, but it also recovered the relationship between our client and the debtor.


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Sometimes a little understanding, communication and compassion can mend the relationship between our clients and their debtors. Our specialists always adjust their strategy according to your needs and the nature of the case. If your debtor has left you in a similar position, feel free to contact us today.