A classic case where a debtor needed a nudge

A classic case





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It’s such an achievement when a local business is able to expand its services internationally. After all that hard work and effort, you have the means to make more customers happy with the goods you sell. But just because your company is located abroad, this does not mean that your debtor can avoid paying the invoice. More importantly, this does not mean your debtor can hide from us. This is exactly what happened to a Dutch company supplying garden furniture.

The Dutch garden furniture supplier expanded their services to the German market. Our Dutch client delivered €2.116,- worth of garden furniture to the German customer. But when the time came to pay, the German debtor refused to complete the payment.

A classic case where a debtor needed a nudge client debtor


Initially, the German debtor claimed the company did not have the financial means to pay, without providing any sound evidence of going through financial difficulties. It soon became clear this was a classic case where the debtor believed he could avoid payment. Just because the Dutch company was located abroad, the debtor assumed our client would simply write off the debt, while the debtor hid in Germany.

Needed a nudge

Our approach

After the German debtor stopped replying to our client, the Dutch supplier decided it was time to hire our lawyers at our German Desk. Little did the German debtor know about all the measures we have to track and contact the debtor. We contacted the debtor both in writing and by phone. Initially, the debtor still refused to pay. But once we send our final warning, did the German debtor obey. We send a final court summons announcing the legal measures we have in store and which procedures we would initiate if the payment was not made.

Immediately after the debtor received the court summons, we received a call from the debtor that he had transferred the full amount including interest and costs to avoid legal action. The case was closed and settled within 1-2 days.

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This is a classic case where an international debtor assumes they can get away with non-payment. Sometimes, knowing that a debt collection law firm is involved, pressurises the debtor to pay. With more resources than any other debt collection agency, we have the authority to take serious action, and your debtor knows this too. Has your international debtor left you in a similar position? If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, contact us today for your free consultation.