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Besides assisting multinationals and small businesses with their national and international business debt collection cases, we occasionally solve cases that are slightly different from what we usually do. On one such occasion, we helped a governmental agency with an exceptional case.

A Dutch public agency providing student loans lent money to a student for his studies in the Netherlands. Once the student had graduated, he moved back to Germany, with no intention of paying back the loan.

An exceptional case


Our client had requested the debtor to pay on numerous occasions, but the German post-graduate refused to pay. Thinking that he no longer had to since he was no longer a student residing in the Netherlands, he assumed that our client would simply write off the debt.

Our approach

Once our client requested our assistance, we contacted the debtor by telephone and in writing. After several attempts, we advised the client to initiate legal proceedings and to consider the German payment order procedure (Mahnverfahren). Within 6 weeks of starting the procedure, we obtained an enforceable court order. The debtor also failed to pay following the court order, meaning that we could immediately enforce the verdict.

The debtor eventually agreed to a payment arrangement of €2000,- per month with the bailiff so that we could close the file within a short period of time.

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