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Did someone say distance

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One of the main benefits of having Bierens by your side is that we overcome any cross border barriers. No matter where our clients and debtors are located, we can help eliminate any language, cultural and legal barriers. For our clients established in the United States, we can help bridge the gap between American and European companies.

In this case, a US global supplier of technological-based coating and colour solutions sold electric materials to their customer in the Netherlands, totalling an amount of €400.000,-. When the Dutch customer was presented with the invoice, they claimed to lack the funds to pay. Five months had passed with no payment or efforts from the debtor to find a solution. With the debtor being so far away, the US supplier decided it was time to hire Bierens.


Luckily, our native Dutch lawyers were certain they could recover the entire principal amount including interest and costs. After conducting a thorough investigation by contacting the debtor, sending customised demand letters and consulting local databases, our lawyers managed to find the cause of the problem. It appeared that the Dutch company was having difficulties paying the invoice due to liquidity problems. For a company based in the USA, having a local specialist with knowledge of Dutch debt collection procedures was the silver lining! This way, our lawyers could initiate procedures that would get the debtor to pay.

Our approach

One of the most common procedures in the Netherlands is known as the bankruptcy petition. As our Dutch specialists frequently use this procedure, they know exactly how it can be implemented correctly, guaranteeing the highest results possible. Our lawyers were able to file for the bankruptcy petition with the courts on three different occasions. Due to our constant pressure on the debtor, our lawyers were able to negotiate a payment plan with the debtor. In this new agreement, the debtor agreed to complete the payment in 16 instalments. Although the claim was not recovered in one go, our lawyers managed to collect a total of € 437.801,02 including interests and costs from the debtor.

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Having native lawyers means that our lawyers are specialists in the debt collection rules and regulations in their country. By knowing the ins and outs of different legal procedures, we can advise and assist you with your foreign claims so that you can recover your payments at minimal costs, no matter where you and your debtor are located. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.