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With international debt collection, creditors often encounter different languages, rules, and regulations on debt collection. However, if both the debtor and creditor are located in Europe, there are certain European procedures our lawyers can apply on your behalf.

On one such occasion, we had a German client working in the construction sector. They sold and delivered goods to an Italian trading partner. At the time, the debtor confirmed via e-mail that the goods had been delivered and promised that they would complete the payments. However, after sending multiple reminders, the Italian debtor continued making promises that were never kept. A year passed, and still no payment was received.


After a year of waiting for payment, the German creditor hired our lawyers at the Italian Desk to contact the debtor. After sending two demand letters, the debtor once again only acknowledged the claim and ‘promised’ to send a payment proposal the following day. Despite several reminders, the debtor never came through and even stopped responding to our lawyers. That's when, together with our clients, we decided it was time to take legal action.

Our approach

Like many other debtors, this Italian debtor believed that he had exhausted all our efforts to recover the claim. The debtor assumed that that was the last he would hear from us, but we had just gotten started!

Together with our German client, our Italian Desk applied for the European Small Claims Procedure at the Guidice di Pace in Italy. Our Italian lawyer requested a court order whereby the Italian debtor was to pay the entire principal amount including interests and costs. After obtaining a positive verdict from the Italian court, the debtor was notified of the outcome and even then, tried to avoid paying the additional interests and costs. Knowing the consequences that would follow if the payment was not made, the Italian debtor paid the entire amount including interests and costs in two payments.

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Although a debtor acknowledges an outstanding claim, provides written confirmation and 'promises' to pay the amount, it means nothing until our clients are actually paid. We understand this frustration, which is why we do our utmost to ensure that you recover what you are entitled to. If your debtor has left you in a similar position, contact us today. Together we can find a solution to help you further.