Invoices don’t simply fly away

Invoices don’t simply fly away




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Unkept promises from debtors are matters that we see on a daily basis. Whether it concerns tangible goods or intangible services, it can take months or even years to collect a payment. In those situations, our lawyers can help you find a solution.

In this particular case, our Dutch client provided flight classes to an Italian customer. The invoice was immediately sent to the company that had requested these classes. But after multiple phone calls and payment reminders, no payment was received. After spending more than a year contacting the debtor through emails and phone calls, the Italian debtor only made empty promises.


Having had enough, our Dutch client decided it was time to take serious action against the Italian client. Our Italian debt collection lawyer successfully contacted the debtor by sending customised demand letters written in Italian and by informing them of the consequences if the payment was not made. Initially, the debtor proposed a payment plan that only included the principal amount but excluded additional expenses. Our Italian lawyer then negotiated an amount that would include interests and costs. Many letters and phone calls later, the Italian debtor started to pay in instalments, but without the additional expenses that were negotiated.

With growing frustration from the Dutch creditor, our Italian lawyer presented the legal possibilities that would allow us to collect the interest and costs. However, the client was hesitant to spend further costs in the legal phase and was willing to accept that these would not be collected.

Our approach

But our Italian lawyer did not give up there. Giving it a final attempt to negotiate the interest and costs, our lawyer highlighted the legal consequences that would follow under Italian law if the amount was not transferred. Knowing that we were prepared to take the extra step, the debtor finally decided to transfer the interest and costs.

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Our aim is not only to recover the principal amount, but also the additional interest and costs. Our native in-house lawyers, have the means to pressurise your debtor to ensure that you recover what you are entitled to. If your debtor has left you in a similar position, contact us today and find out what we can do for you.