Cross-border debt recovery

Is your company owed money by a European company? When you conduct business internationally, you will undoubtedly have to deal with a debtor in the EU who doesn’t pay their invoice. For many businesses, collecting a cross-border debt collection is very difficult. After all, you are not only confronted with a different trading culture and customs behaviour, but there is often also a language barrier. This can make communication with your customer complicated. So, how can you ensure that your invoice is still recovered quickly?

Cross border debt recovery solutions

Call in our cross-border specialists to collect your debt collection case in Europe. With more than 65 years of experience, our 38 collection specialists and lawyers ensure that the outstanding invoice amount is still paid. Our experts have knowledge of the judicial system of their country and are familiar with the local trade culture and customs. Moreover, they speak the same language as your debtor. Because of this they know how to get your debtor to pay your outstanding invoices, quickly.

Recovering your international debt

The entire debt collection process is provided by our own collection specialists and lawyers. We always start in the pre-legal phase, aiming to collect your invoice without going to court. We do this by asking your debtor to pay in writing and by telephone. Most debt collection cases are collected pre-legally. If they still don’t pay, we can take legal action against your debtor in consultation with you.

Cross-border legal debt collection

If it is necessary to take legal action against your foreign debtor, then our collection of international lawyers can assist you. It is important to bear in mind however, that you may have to go to court in your debtor's country and that you cannot always go to court in your own country. It is simply not always authorised to judge your payment dispute. In which country you must litigate, several factors depend. Our specialised lawyers are happy to liaise with you, understand your situation and explain what your options are.

More information

Are you looking for more information about recovering international debt? Do you have an outstanding business invoice with your cross-border business partner? Then contact us today. We will always give you honest and clear advice. And, together we can ensure that your cross-border debt recovery claim is collected quickly, efficiently and with as little stress to you as possible.