Do you have an outstanding business invoice? Are you looking for a collection agency for companies? Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers specialises in resolving business to business collection cases, internationally. We assist companies with their outstanding claims in Europe and ensure that they are still paid for their delivered goods or services.

Difference between B2B and B2C collection

Like consumers, not all businesses pay their invoices. However, there is a difference in the collection of these outstanding claims. Collection on private debtors requires a different approach than collection on a company. A non-paying consumer often has a different reason for not paying than a company. In some cases, it can be a vulnerable group of people with a problematic debt situation. Knowledge of this target group is important to be able to coordinate the collection process correctly. There are many laws and rules protecting the consumer for this reason.

When it comes to B2B debt collection, conflicts may have arisen over the fulfilment of contractual agreements, which has resulted in payment of the invoice not being made. Collecting business invoices therefore requires (legal) knowledge of the business community and business contracts.

Specialised in business collections

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers specialise in business collections. With over 65 years’ experience, we know how to recover your debt. What’s more, our international lawyers can collect your debt in any European country.

Fast payment of your invoice

Do you have an outstanding invoice that is not paid? Then transfer your collection case to our specialists. We will immediately deal with your case and get started to ensure that you still get paid for your services or goods delivered.