Seizure of assets

Have you tried to retrieve your payment amicably without any success? Then as legal enforcement, it is possible to seize your debtor’s assets. This way your debtor is unable to spend their money until they have transferred the claim. Seizing your debtor's assets, however, is not something any regular debt collection agency can do. For this, you will need an experiences debt collection lawyer.

Seizure of assets by a debt collection lawyer

In order to seize your debtor’s assets, you must initiate legal proceedings against your debtor. This can only be done with a qualified debt collection lawyer. Your debtor’s good or bank account can be seized with a court order. During a court hearing, your debt collection lawyer will defend your case and why your debtor’s assets should be confiscated. Only once the court has reached a verdict and ruled that your debtor’s assets can be seized; only then can it actually happen.

Seizing your international debtor's assets

In some European countries, there is also a measure known as a preliminary seizure. As soon as a debtor is aware that legal action is being taken, they can move their assets before a court judgement is announced. After all, assets can only be seized with a court verdict. A preliminary seizure allows goods to be seized immediately before a judge announces a verdict. In the meantime, legal proceedings must take place. The assets are then retained until the judge reaches a verdict, preventing your debtor from moving their assets.

It is important to note that the preliminary seizure is not recognized in all European countries and that procedure may differ. With our international debt collection lawyers, we ensure that the right specialist is assigned to your case. They have the knowledge and experience of over 20 different European countries. With native in-house lawyers, we can help with cross-border seizures.

How can we help you?

  • Customised business debt recovery approach
  • Access to the largest national B2B debt collection databases
  • Use of local resources to track your debtor
  • Contact with international bailiffs and private detectives
  • Supervision under the International Bar Associations
  • Knowledge of local legislation in multiple countries
  • Experience in local litigation procedures
  • Authority to enforce measures throughout Europe
  • Experts in cross-border procedures
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Seizure of assets as a means of pressurizing your debtor

You can seize your debtor’s assets to ensure that you have access to your debtor’s assets. This way you can guarantee payment of your claim. Therefore, the seizure of assets is frequently used as a mean of pressurising your debtor to pay. In most cases, many debtors tend to pay the invoice before the case is taken to court. With a debt collection lawyer on your side, your debtor will be more inclined to pay.

Our debt collection specialists and lawyers

Initiating the seizure of your debtor’s assets is a legal procedure that you can only initiate with a lawyer. Therefore, our debt collection specialists and lawyers are the most equipped party for you. If your debtor refuses to pay amicably, then you may consider taking legal action. If we believe the seizure of your debtor’s assets is the most appropriate course of action, then we can retrieve your payment on your behalf. Contact us today and find out more.

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