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Did you know that you can increase your chances of recovering international debt with a debt collection lawyer? With more resources than a regular debt collection agency, you can recover your outstanding invoices swiftly and efficiently. With Europe’s leading specialist by your side, you choose for quality at the best rate possible.

No Cure No Pay debt collection lawyer

For business collection cases, our debt collection lawyers start on a No Cure No Pay basis. This means that if we manage to collect the entire amount, we aim to have your debtor pay our interest and costs. If we are unable to recover your payment, then you will only pay our administrative charges.

If you wish to proceed with legal action, then our debt collection lawyers will discuss a fixed or hourly rate in advance, in consultation with you.

The power of Bierens’ debt collection lawyers

From the very moment that you upload your case, your assigned debt collection lawyer will treat your case with utmost care. Even more so, our debt collection lawyers have real measures to get your invoice paid. When solving cases in the pre-legal phase, your lawyer will not send any standard demand letter. Instead, these will be customised according to your case and written in the same language your debtor speaks. Often when a debtor is aware that a lawyer is involved from the start, they know that the matter is serious and are more inclined to pay.

If your debtor still does not pay or even disputes the claim, then our lawyers can take extra measures in the legal debt collection phase. For example, in certain situations, our debt collection lawyers are authorised to seize your debtor’s assets or file for bankruptcy petitions. They can act on your behalf if court intervention is needed. During the extrajudicial phase, we have specific measures that can help us adapt our strategy according to your case.

Debt collection lawyers for your industry

As specialists in business collections, our debt collection lawyers have experience in many different sectors. We know what impacts collection strategies in each industry and can adapt accordingly. For example, we know that transport law is a minefield with specific legal formalities and that fashion claims are prone to seasonality and cancellation of orders. When it concerns the export of goods, we often encounter claims disputing the quality of the delivered goods, while for the service sector, we frequently see claims disputing the number of hours billed.

With each industry influenced by specific factors, our debt collection lawyers can adapt their strategies according to your needs.

Members of the Bar Association

As a debt collection law firm, there are legal requirements that must be adhered to. If a lawyer does not comply with these rules, they can no longer practice law. With a debt collection lawyer, you are always assured of the correct handling of your case both nationally and internationally.

Debt collection lawyer vs Debt collection agent?

Most likely you have already contacted your debtor before considering a debt collection agency. However, often a debt collection agency cannot do anything more than the steps that you have already undertaken.

Often, the services of a debt collection agency will be limited to the pre-legal phase. If your debtor refuses to pay, they cannot take any further action. While you have incurred costs for hiring a debt collection agency, you will again have to restart the procedure with a specialist law firm.

A debt collection lawyer can advise and litigate commercial debt collection cases. If a debtor refuses to pay during the pre-legal phase, then a debt collection lawyer can continue with litigation in consultation with you. Since our debt collection lawyers specialise in default payments, they know everything about the best practices for business debt collections. While we focus on recovering your debt, you can continue to focus on your own business operations.

What can you expect with a debt collection lawyer by your side?

  • Specialists in debt collection since 1952
  • Native and international debt collection lawyers
  • No Cure No Pay debt collection
  • Success rate of 95%
  • More resources than a debt collection agency
  • For SMEs and multinationals
  • High customer satisfaction with a 9.0/10 rating
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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We do everything in our power to assist our customers in the best possible way. On average, our customers rate our debt collection services with a 9/10. Curious to know what our clients say about us? In more than 700 KiyOh reviews you can read how other companies have experienced our services.

International debt collection lawyers

As each nation has its own debt collection laws and procedures, our debt collection lawyers can explain which procedure is most suitable depending on the country your debtor is located. With different business practices, cultures, and methods to get debtors to pay, our debt collection lawyers understand the different rules and regulations, cultural differences, and speak the same language as your debtor. With a team of over 115+ specialists, there is always an expert to help you throughout the entire procedure.

Practical solutions by our debt collection lawyers

Find out how our debt collection lawyers overcome the barriers when dealing with debtors speaking different languages, having to transition from pre-legal to legal phases, the effectiveness of following local procedures or how the presence of a debt collection lawyer alone can be sufficient to recover your payments here. By helping over 24.000 other companies in similar situations, our debt collection lawyers can help you find the solution you are looking for.

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