Do you have a debtor in Vienna? Or are you looking for a reliable debt collection agency in Vienna? Our international debt collection lawyers and specialists take your worries off your hands. From the moment you hand over your debt collection case to us, we will do everything we can to collect your money. We are specialized in debt recovery and have more than 65 years of knowledge and experience to assist you with your Austrian debt collection matter.

Successful debt collection in Vienna

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is the largest and first debt collection law firm in Europe. We assist companies with their international debt recovery cases. Do you have debt recovery in Vienna? Hand over your case to us. Our German debt recovery attorney goes straight to work to ensure that your outstanding invoices are paid after all.

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  • Fast solutions for your cases
  • Real measures to recover your payments
  • The best results for the lowest costs

Are you looking for a debt collection lawyer in Vienna ?

We ensure that you receive what you are entitled to quickly: the payment of your invoices.
Transfer your debt collection today and we will immediately start the debt collection process.

Your position is stronger with a debt collection lawyer

Debt recovery lawyers have more resources to put pressure on your debtor than, for example, a debt recovery agency or a bailiff. Furthermore, we can assist you during the extra-judicial collection stage and also in the judicial stage. This allows us to switch quickly if necessary. This saves you time and money.

International debt collection

Our office specializes in international debt collection. Our debt collection lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge of the legislation and regulations in Austria. In addition, they are fully aware of commercial customs and culture in Vienna. That makes it easier to engage with your debtor and encourage them to pay more swiftly.