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Songs to collect debt to

Is it your job to collect outstanding invoices? Although our debt collection specialists are extremely dedicated to their job, we regularly hear that entrepreneurs find it annoying to call in debtors. Especially when debtors have all kinds of strange excuses to get out of the payment.

In our knowledge bank, we provide plenty of tips on how best to send a payment reminder and what costs you can charge, for example, in your letter of formal notice. But apart from sharing our knowledge with you, we also want to make debt collection a little more fun. That's why we share our favourite debt collection songs here:

Abba – Money Money Money

Money, money, money
Must be funny

In a rich man's world

Everybody wants to get paid for their services or products. As far as we are concerned, money is not just fun for the rich man.

Meat Loaf – Life is a lemon and I want my money back

It's a never-ending attack
Everything's a lie, and that's a fact
Life is a lemon and I want my money back!

According to Meatloaf, life is a lime, because something always goes wrong. And he wants his money back. We can’t help with the lime, but we can help with the latter.

Elvis Costello – Pay it back

One of these days I'm gonna pay it back
Pay it back one of these days
One of these days I'm gonna pay it back
Pay it back one of these days

Elvis Costello clearly does not have a collection case with us, because then he would have been given a clear term of payment in his song! In the short term. One of these days is not good enough for us!

The Supremes – Money

You're lovin' gives me a thrill
But you're lovin' don't pay my bills
Now give me money
That's what I want

The soul ladies of The Supremes are very clear about what they want: their money. Because the sun goes up for nothing. And invoices have to be paid. If only all debtors thought the same.

Destiny's Child – Bills, bills, bills

Can you pay my bills?
Can you pay my telephone bills?
Can you pay my automo-bills?
If you did then maybe we could chill
I don't think you do
So, you and me are through

Although the ladies of Destiny's Child undoubtedly earn enough themselves, they still want someone else to pay the bills. We don't care so much about it, but we do care about our customers being paid on time.

Shania Twain – Ka-Ching

Can you hear it ring?
It makes you want to sing
It's such a beautiful thing, ka-ching!

According to Shania Twain, tinkling money is a beautiful sound. And we totally agree with that! After all, that means that we have been able to successfully collect another invoice and that we can therefore make another customer happy. And satisfied customers, that really makes us happy!

Bruno Mars – Money make her smile

Oh, it's not complicated 
So, this won't take a while
You see music make her dance 
and money, money, money, money, make her smile

Very recognisable! This also applies to our customers. Especially when they had already given up hope that an outstanding invoice would still be paid. As far as we're concerned, there's nothing more fun than being able to tell an entrepreneur that they’ve been paid for their efforts.

Sammy Kershaw – I want my money back

It just ain't right
No way nobody should do somebody like that
So, where's my money
I want my money back

And he's right. If there is one thing that we think is unfair, it is not paying invoices. No one should do that. Unfortunately, there are debtors on a daily basis who think they can still avoid payment.

Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City

Well I got a job and tried to put my money away
But I got debts that no honest man can pay
So, I drew what I had from the Central Trust
And I bought us two tickets on that Coast City bus

Bruce Springsteen seems to be one of those debtors who thinks he can escape his debts. But that's not how it works at our office. We do everything we can to trace debtors. Even if that debtor was called Bruce Springsteen.

Cazwell – Get my money back

Get my money back, get my money back
Get my money back, get my money back
Get my money back, get my money back

The power of repetition is what Cazwell must have thought when he wrote this song. He just wants his money back. He’s clear and we hear him. We can definitely do this!

More debt collection songs – can we make an album?

We don't know if these songs will help you to collect your money faster, but maybe it will make your debt collection work a lot more fun. Which songs do you like to listen to during your work? Or do you have other debt collection songs? Then add it to our Spotify Debt Collection Album here!