The Debt Collection Procedure

Once you have transferred your debt collection case to us, we will immediately start working on it. The collection procedure can be divided into two phases. Our starting point is to always start in the extrajudicial phase, where we summon the debtor to pay the outstanding invoices. If this doesn’t have the desired effect then, after consultation with yourself, we can go to court to enforce the payment of your invoices.

Debt Collection Procedure during the Pre-legal Phase

In the extrajudicial phase (also called the amicable phase), the debtor is contacted to remind them to pay your outstanding invoices. We send the debtor a written warning and contact them by telephone, requesting payment. The debtor will then be given a few days for payment. In some cases, we can make a payment arrangement, but in general we keep this process as short as possible. Do you have a foreign debtor? Then our international lawyers often have extra possibilities to get your bill paid.

Possibilities to begin legal proceedings

If your debtor still refuses to pay during the extra-judicial phase, then we can take legal action against them. Before doing so, we always first look at what the possibilities are in this specific situation. For example, the debtor's reaction in the extrajudicial process, the solvency of the debtor and the principal amount of your invoice are included to determine the next steps.

Take legal action

Before we actually take legal action, we inform you about the expected costs of the legal process. We will only start working after you have given permission. There are differing legal routes, depending on the country of business of your debtor, but our expert international lawyers will inform you upfront of the preferred route to take.