The Debt Collection Process at Bierens

Once you hand over your claim we immediately start our process. This can be divided into two parts.  Most debt recovery is settled during the extrajudicial, or out-of-court, phase.  This is when we send the debtor a written demand letter and call them, requesting payment as soon as possible.  If the debtor is still not paying the invoice we can, with your permission, start legal proceedings. We’ll go to court to get your money back.

Pre-legal debt collection

The extrajudicial phase is often called the ‘amicable phase’. This is when the debtor is contacted about paying outstanding invoices.  This involves demand letters and telephone calls requesting payment within a few days.  Sometimes payments can be settled by payment arrangement, but we usually try to keep this process as short as possible.

If the debtor refuses to pay in the extrajudicial phase, and you approve, we can begin legal proceedings. Before this takes place, we look over certain aspects of the situation. How did the debtor react to the out-of-court process? Is the debtor solvent? What is the principal amount of your invoice? All these are considered before deciding on the next step.

Take legal action

Before taking legal action, we will discuss the expected costs of the legal process with you. Some cases can be complicated, and higher fees may be incurred. We will only begin legal action after you have given us permission. Some elements of the legal phase can include investigations of your debtor, initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, or subpoena proceedings.

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