Disputed Invoices

In case of a disputed claim, your debtor has a justified reason not to pay your invoice. For example, because you have not fulfilled agreements from the contract. To ensure that your bill is still paid, the payment dispute must first be resolved. Simply sending a reminder does not make any sense. We are happy to give you some tips for solving a disputed claim.

Tips for solving a disputed invoice

What can you do to resolve a disputed claim yourself?

1. Check the agreements you made with your customer. Read through the signed contracts, general terms and conditions and other agreements that have been made. Also check whether these legal documents have been used correctly, otherwise the agreements contained therein are not valid. In case of doubt, always seek advice from a specialised lawyer.

2. Contact your customer and find out if you can reach a solution together. Is your customer incorrectly indicting that you have not fulfilled agreements from the contract in order o get out of making payment? Then make it clear to your customer that you will take legal action if they refuse to pay the invoice.

3. Turn to a specialised lawyer. If it is not possible to come to a satisfactory solution together, then contact a specialised lawyer. The sooner a lawyer can get started, the faster the payment dispute can be resolved. In addition, it may be possible to prevent legal proceedings if you involve a legal specialist at an early stage.

Going to court with a disputed invoice

If a payment dispute cannot be resolved, it is possible to start legal proceedings. The payment dispute is submitted to a judge, who will rule on this matter. If your customer indicates that the payment is not made because you have not fulfilled certain agreements, they will of course have to prove this. A judge will give a final ruling based on the case and evidence presented.

Do you have a claim that’s in dispute?

Then contact us quickly. We have a team of specialised lawyers who can help you solve your payment dispute. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in solving disputed claims, we know the right strategy for your business. And with real, honest advice regarding costs and your chances of winning, you will always know where you stand.