Disputed Claims or Invoices

When your customer or client gives a reasoned reason for not paying, this becomes a disputed claim. Your debtor does not agree with your invoice because, for example, he thinks that goods or services have not been delivered properly. In principle, your debtor always refers to agreements made previously from a contract or from the general terms and conditions. According to the other party, you have not fulfilled certain agreements from this contract, as a result, this party does not want to pay. A disputed invoice is therefore actually a legal dispute. It does not matter whether the other party is right with their claims.

When does a disputed claim occur?

A disputed claim can occur when one of the following situations arises:

    • Claims of no or only part delivery being made therefore your customer does not have the corresponding invoice.
    • Product or service delivered too late, causing damage. For example, a web shop is delivered too late, causing your customer to lose income.
    • Delivery of wrong goods. For example, when blue pens have been ordered and black pens have been delivered.
    • Incorrect construction of buildings
    • Poor quality is received. For example, the tires that have been delivered do not meet the applicable standards.
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How to resolve the disputed claim

Solving a disputed claim requires a different method than a regular debt collection case. Notifying your debtor to pay fast has no effect, because there is a legal conflict that needs to be resolved first. We always try to resolve the conflict in consultation with the other party. If this does not work, we can start legal proceedings, allowing a judge to rule on the conflict. We will of course assist you in this entire process and we will do everything possible so that you can still receive what you are entitled to.

The specialist in disputed claims

Because a disputed claim is a legal dispute, you need a lawyer to assist you. At Bierens, our team of lawyers specialises in solving disputed claims. Would you like more information about resolving disputed claims? Get in touch, we will be happy to assist you.