By sending a written notice to your customer, you prevent your outstanding invoice from expiring. However, it is important that your letter of suspension meets a number of requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you run the risk that the interruption will not be valid and that your invoice will expire.

What should the letter of suspension say?

When you send a suspension letter to your customer, make sure that the following parts are mentioned:

  1. State explicitly that you have an outstanding invoice. State the amount of the outstanding invoice amount.
  2. Inform them that you still expect payment of your invoice. The limitation period starts again from the date of the letter.
  3. Receipt of suspension letter Your customer must of course be informed of the interruption of the limitation period. It is therefore important that your letter reaches the debtor. You must therefore send the suspension letter to your customer, unless something else has been agreed in advance. In addition, send the letter by registered post, so that you always have proof that your debtor has received the letter of interruption.

Advice on the limitation and interruption of a limitation period

Do you have an outstanding invoice, and do you want to prevent your invoice from expiring? Or do you have questions about the limitation and / or interruption of a claim? Then please contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you ensure that your invoice is still paid.