Do you have outstanding invoices? Would you like to take legal action against your debtor for your unpaid invoices? Our collection lawyers can assist you during both the pre-legal and the judicial phase. We do everything in our power to ensure that your invoice still gets paid.

Pre-legal phase before legal action for your unpaid invoices

When you transfer a collection case to our office, our lawyers will immediately start working on it. In most cases, however, we do not start in the judicial phase, but in the pre-legal phase. In this phase we will contact your debtor in writing and by telephone. Often, after doing so, pre-legal payments are made. The advantage of the pre-legal phase is that this process is a lot cheaper and faster than the judicial phase.

Going to court for your outstanding claim

Unable to collect your invoice during the pre-legal phase? Then we can take legal action against your debtor. For example, by summoning your debtor. Often the announcement of legal action is already a reason for many debtors to pay, but sometimes it is necessary to actually go to court to ask the judge for an opinion on the payment conflict.

Contested claims

If a claim is disputed, legal proceedings are often necessary. Sending a letter of formal notice makes no sense, since the claim is contested. This means that your debtor is of the opinion that you have not fulfilled certain agreements from the contract (for example, a wrong delivery), so they believe they do not have to pay. In this case, the court may be asked to give an opinion on the payment conflict. If the court then decided that you are right, we help with the collection of the judgment.

More information

Would you like to take legal action against your debtor? Then contact us today. We are happy to give you advice about your options.