Recovering goods

We are all too familiar with the situation where a debtor is no longer able to pay and the best advice is ultimately to recover the goods.

We realise that this is often the very last option a supplier is looking for, but even then it is better to recover the goods than nothing at all.

After all, if a debtor is eventually declared bankrupt, it will depend on the liquidator whether or not you can recover your goods. Often this too costs a lot of time and money.

In that case, even if a payment is not collected, it is still a successful recovery. These types of cases can take some time, especially if a debtor has been declared bankrupt and our lawyers are required to work with the appointed liquidator. The liquidator will use all possible arguments to retain the goods on the debtor's property. Essentially, they too obtain their profit from the bankruptcy.

Because the collection is considered successful, then in addition to the €165,- basic fee, we also charge 10% of the invoice value of the goods returned. Usually, this is only a limited amount because the goods represent a fraction of the outstanding amount.

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