Our Mission

Our contribution to a just world is to fight for a world without default.

Our Vision

The world is changing fast. Norms and values are fading and so often the timely payment. Unfortunately, late payment has even become a business model. Good credit management can prevent many problems, but if that does not work, then you need a reliable partner to be able to fall back on.

We will continually offer added value to tackle the injustices in the payment system. For national claims and international claims, we fight to ensure that you get what you deserve.

Should your claim be disputed, we will quickly make clear whether this is justified or not. After a justified dispute has been resolved, parties can do business with each other again, but in the case of an unfair dispute, we want to tackle this injustice quickly and decisively.

The starting point is to always resolve the case extra-judicially, possibly by visiting the debtor together with you. But if necessary, we will take the case to court, in consultation with you. Anywhere in the world. You can count on our justice.