Just like true superheroes, our lawyers fight for justice. Agreements must be fulfilled, invoices must be paid. If that does not happen, we, just like Batman, seek justice. Like Batman, we have our “magical gadgets” at our disposal to force a debtor to pay. Well, no capes, Batmobile or grapel gun, just the power of knowledge throughout all of Europe.

Our International Expertise

Our team of superheroes consists of more than 60 (debt recovery) lawyers and specialists from the twenty largest European economies. And that is what is needed for international debt recovery, because each European country has its own legislation and a different business practice. Our international colleagues are thoroughly familiar with the legislation and culture of their birth country. Obviously, to them, there are no language barriers. This makes communicating with your debtor considerably easier.

Our Passion: Assisting International Businesses, No Matter Their Size

Our advice: do what you love and what you are good at. We have done so ourselves. It may sound like no more than common sense, but for a law firm, it was not at all customary to specialise in a specific field. In the past, every law firm handled all sorts of matters, from divorce, to criminal, to mergers and acquisitions, etc. Debt collection aligned with our passion. We started following our hearts around the beginning of 2000 and have not looked back!

With a Debt Collection Lawyer, You Have a Stronger Position

As a debt recovery law firm, we have more resources at our disposal to collect your business claim than a collection agency or bailiff. We simply have more effective means at our disposal to get your invoice paid.

Our Customers

Enough about ourselves already. We would not be superheroes without our customers. We simply would not exist. Bierens is very proud to represent some of the finest institutions in the world. We feel honoured that on a daily basis, many companies from all over the world manage to find us. Over the past few years, all these businesses have helped us grow into the organisation that we are now. We are extremely grateful for this. On behalf of all of us, thank you!