We have been collecting invoices since 1952. We think it is important that debt collection is done properly and correctly. We therefore not only collect with respect for our customers, but also with respect for our customers’ debtors. At Bierens we believe it is important that debt collection is also socially responsible. We therefore distance ourselves from debt collection parties that charge an unlawful amount of collection costs and approach debtors in a disrespectful manner.

The customer is king

We always put the interests of our customers first. Our customers are our clients, not their debtors. All our customers can therefore count on us to stand by them and do everything we can to collect their outstanding debts.

The debtor pays

A collection is annoying enough. After all, an unpaid invoice costs time, money and frustration. We therefore think it is important that the debtor pays for this damage. After all, the debtor is the originator. For that reason, we do everything in our power to recover the costs from the debtor, so that our customers incur the least possible costs for the recovery.

Dealing with debtors with respect

We do not have the illusion that debtors are happy with our letters and phone calls. However, we still think it’s important that debtors are approached with respect, regardless of their situation. With us there are no illegal, aggressive or disrespectful collection techniques. We always follow the law.

Strict rules set by the Bar Association

Speaking of the law: we are a law firm and therefore affiliated with the Bar Association. This means that we must comply with strict professional rules in order to practice our profession. In fact, the Bar Association has the strictest rules for all professional groups.

Preventing debt collection

Debt collection always leads to economic damage. We therefore think it is important that debt collection cases are avoided as much as possible. Our service is therefore not only limited to the collection of outstanding receivables, we also help our customers to prevent unpaid invoices.

Active contribution to the professionalisation of the collection landscape

Although every lawyer is affiliated with the Bar, it is not the same for collection agencies; they do not need to adhere to such strict rules. There is no official quality mark for collection companies. Anyone can set up a collection agency, and there are no rules that a collection party must comply with. We think that is a bad thing. That is why we make an active contribution to professionalising the collection landscape. For example, in the Netherlands, our owner Sander Bierens is a member of the Hague Commission, which actively advises politicians on aspects related to debt collection. In this way we hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the collection landscape so that illegal practices can eventually be eliminated.