Sander Bierens

Sander Bierens

CEO & Lawyer

Contract law, Insolvency law, Procedural law
Debt collection, International debt collection
"Fighting for a world with justice"
It may sound cliché, but I cannot ignore injustice. I simply cannot standby and must fight against it immediately. From a young age, I have always helped those in need. This also means helping those who have been wronged. As a lawyer, this means that I can contribute by fighting for a world without default payments.

We live in a world that heavily relies on commercial transactions. Whether it concerns a contract of sales, delivery of services, renting or being an employee of some kind, the one who delivers will also have to get paid. The world's payment morale is getting increasingly worse, and if payment obligations are taken for granted, the entire world can come crashing down. Moreover, the world isn’t as black and white anymore.

Fortunately, more and more legislations are being introduced to rectify this. But alongside new legislations, it also requires a different way of thinking that is out of the box and challenges a new way of exploring limits. For instance, when solving a debt collection case, there is so much more context that is required. You have to understand the situation your client is in, what relationship they have with their debtor and how they wish to approach the case. B2B debt collection is about delivering customized results that require creative thinking.

Default payments occur everywhere in the world. That is why it’s our duty to intervene to ensure that agreements are met and that those entitled to their payment receive what they deserve. As far as I am concerned, this also includes making sure that those who have failed to pay on time are charged for the damage they have caused. That is why we are strict yet just, as we are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that justice is served. Only then will the balance be restored.

As the CEO of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers, I am delighted to have the opportunity to establish an organisation that also cherishes these values.

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