There is a lot of stigma surrounding debt collection agencies. Mainly, that they use abusive and corrupt behaviour to get what they want. Whilst we’re not advocating that all debt collectors are good, law abiding companies; there are certainly some frauds out there, the majority of debt recovery agencies are legal.

When you transfer a collection case to our office, we do everything to ensure that your invoice is paid as quickly as possible. Or rather: almost everything. Because we disassociate ourselves from illegal and disrespectful collection practices. We believe it is important that debtors are always approached with respect. No violence, illegally high costs or damage to the debtor with us. We meet the strict requirements of the Dutch Bar Association and therefore always abide by the law. There are things we won't do to get your money back. We will therefore never use the following collection tactics:

1. Harassment

We won't harass your debtor to get your money back. We will never call the debtor during unsociable hours. Nor will we continuously contact the debtor should we receive no answer. There are laws protecting the debtor that prevent agencies from harassment. In some countries, it is even forbidden to send a payment reminder letter.

We will also never embarrass the debtor, shout at them or use profanities.

2. Damage a brand or reputation

We will never actively seek to damage a company’s reputation and brand by communicating their debt to suppliers, customers and competitors.

3. Lie and Deceive

Lying and deception are tactics we will never use get debtors to pay.

4. Deliver empty promises

Announcing legal proceedings is normally enough motivation for a debtor to pay and is a legal tactic in itself. However, we will never deliver empty promises. Before announcing legal proceedings, we will always first advise you of your likelihood of winning and the costs involved. This way you will be fully informed before committing.

5. Violence

In no way, shape or form is violence acceptable. Nor is threatening arrest or jail time. We will never use violence to get your money back.

6. Adding additional costs

Interests and costs can be added at the beginning of the collection case to the invoice, but we ensure these fall in line with the stipulated law and cannot be changed as time goes on. All costs and interest to the debtor are calculated are the start and we never add additional costs as the case evolves.

Debt Recovery Lawyers

As debt recovery lawyers, we properly conduct our business and ensure no illegal activity occurs when collecting debt. The above list, although not exhaustive, is what we just won't do to get your money back. Not only this, but our ingrained values and morals forbid any illegal activity.

We are specialists in recovering debt legally and morally. If you have an outstanding invoice, contact us today. We will be happy to help.