As an entrepreneur you will undoubtedly have to deal with unpaid invoices. If these invoices are still not paid at the end of the year, they are often written off. Many entrepreneurs are convinced that this is a simple task but, in many cases, it is not necessary. Depreciation costs your organisation a lot of money. Our collection specialists can help you with collecting your bad debts.

There are still options

The fact that your invoice is not paid immediately does not mean that it is impossible to collect an invoice. As long as an invoice has not yet expired, there are always options for collecting your invoice. A collection agency often succeeds in collecting an invoice. As a debt collection law firm, we are not only specialised in solving debt collection cases, we also have more resources to get your invoice paid. In many cases, one letter or call from a debt collection law firm is enough to get your money back. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us today.

Keeping your relationship with your customer

Some entrepreneurs are reluctant to transfer their invoices to a debt collection law firm. Calling in a collection agency could ruin the good relationship with their customer. The question is of course to what extent there is still a good relationship if your customer does not pay the invoices according to the agreed period. After all, if a good relationship is also important for your customer, they could have contacted you themselves to make a payment arrangement, for example. Therefore, always first ask yourself if a non-paying customer is a good customer. If you only make a loss on this customer, is the relationship worth it?

More information

In some cases, it may be that there really are no options for collecting the invoice. For example, if the company has been declared bankrupt. But do not necessarily assume this. Always ask a specialist for advice first. Contact Anne in our sales team to submit your case. We will always give you honest advice about the possibilities of your collection case.