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How to make your invoice stand out

Unpaid invoices are a great frustration for many entrepreneurs. Our advice is therefore to avoid outstanding claims as much as possible. For example, by making clear agreements about the payment terms and by recording these in the general terms and conditions. But some entrepreneurs have found very creative ways to prevent their invoice from going unpaid…

1. The invoice cake

How do I prevent my invoice from ending up at the bottom of the stack? This is what this person must have thought when they had their invoice printed on a cake instead of just sending a paper or digital version to their customer. And to be honest, this invoice catches the eye. It is only to be hoped that the recipient will first make the payment before they – literally – eliminate it.

2. The creatively designed invoice

For marketers, it's a well-known fact: make your advertising stand out, so that the recipient can't ignore it. And of course, you can do that with your invoice! "Why leave an exciting project with a boring invoice instead of a lasting impression" was the opinion of the Dutch owner of Studio Chalkboard, Viktor Baltus, after which he designed this beautiful invoice. And he is not the only one, on the internet you can find many templates of beautifully designed invoices.

Creatieve factuur

3. The invoice characters

These invoices are also part of the creatively designed invoices, but we found this series worthy of a separate mention. The Czech designer and illustrator Mario Carpe created a series of "invoice characters" to convince his customers to pay the invoice on time. With texts like "pay on time so I can feed my dog" and "pay on time and I'll wash my underwear" he will undoubtedly not have had any outstanding invoices anymore.

creatieve factuur 2

Special payment reminders

Has your own creative invoice not been successful in getting your customer to pay quickly? Then you can always send a special payment reminder to make sure that payment is still made. If that doesn't work either, we'll be happy to help your company make sure that your customer still pays. Our letters may not be so creative, but they are at least as effective! Contact us for more information.

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