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The Netherlands is known for its floral exports. While it provides plenty of business opportunities, there are also plenty of challenges. For instance, when dealing with debtors, the creditors must act much faster compared to other industries. With shorter limitation periods, you need to ensure that you act on time. Should a debtor refuse to pay, then you still have the possibility to take legal action if necessary.

In this case, our Dutch client supplied and delivered flowers to an Italian client with a value of €8.563, -. After 10 months of contacting the debtor and requesting the payment, our client finally received a cheque.


When our clients processed the payment, the cheque bounced. That was the last straw for our client. Our client then decided it was time to let our Italian debt collection specialists take over. When our specialists got hold of the debtor, they simply claimed to have paid the outstanding amount and that they did not owe our client a penny more. Despite several attempts to solve the case amicably, the Italian debtor became unresponsive.

Our approach

After carefully assessing the next steps, our client agreed that legal action would be the best course of action. Based on the terms and conditions that were discussed, we proceeded with a writ of summons in the court in the Netherlands. With a writ of summons, a debtor is requested to appear in court for a hearing. Once the Italian debtor was notified and requested to appear in court in the Netherlands, the debtor immediately contacted our Italian desk to try to settle the case. Eventually, a settlement, including the payment of the principal amount, was reached under the condition that it would be paid immediately.

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