Should you hire a debt collection agency or law firm?

Are you looking to hire a debt collection agency that can help you collect your outstanding claim? Then call in Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers. Our collection specialists and lawyers make every effort to ensure that your outstanding invoice is paid quickly. This way you can focus on your core business again and don't have to worry about your financial administration.

Hiring a lawyer gives you more resources than a debt collection agency

Both parties can help you collect your outstanding invoice. However, a lawyer has more options than a collection agency. A collection agency does not actually do much more than you can do yourself: send a reminder and request the debtor to pay by telephone. And it really stops there in terms of resources. A debt collection law firm has more tools to make your debtor pay; specifically, knowledge and use of the law. This way we can seize or conduct legal proceedings. It often doesn't come to that, because most debtors already pay when they realise that we are handling the collection. Therefore, most collections are paid quickly.

Hiring a lawyer gives you more knowledge than a collection agency

In practice, it is increasingly common for a claim to be disputed. The debtor is then of the opinion that you have not complied with certain agreements from the contract (for example because you have supplied the wrong products). For this reason, they do not want to, nor feel they should, pay your invoice. In the case of a disputed claim, legal proceedings are often necessary. In such cases, you definitely need the expertise of a lawyer: a collection agency simply has no experience with legal proceedings.

Hire a debt collection agency specialising in business collections

Bierens Debt Recovery Layers helps you collect all your outstanding business invoices. Every year we help more than thousands of international companies with their collection issues and other payment disputes. We guarantee that your outstanding invoice will be paid quickly, wherever your debtor is. If you have an outstanding invoice or a difficult debtor, get in touch with us today.