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Debt Collection Lawyer

Do you have an outstanding invoice?

With a debt collection lawyer, you are in a much stronger position. A debt collection lawyer not only has more recourses than a collection agency but also more means of pressurising your debtor to pay. That is why you should always hire a debt collection lawyer if you wish to retrieve the payment of your claim as soon as possible.

In addition, our debt collection lawyers collect based on No Cure No Pay. Besides standard administrative charges, you only pay a fee once we have successfully retrieved your payment. This fee is recovered by the debtor as much as possible. This gives you the quality of a debt collection lawyer for the price of a debt collection agency.

A debt collection lawyer has more resources than a debt collection agency

A debt collection lawyer and a debt collection agency are both involved in the collection of outstanding claims. However, a debt recovery law firm has more resources to successfully retrieve your claim. A debt collection agency, on the contrary, can do nothing more than you can yourself. From calling your debtor to sending payment reminders, these are all actions you can take yourself.

A debt collection lawyer can also take legal actions. In most cases, debtors are also aware of this, which provides a debtor with enough reason to transfer the claim rather than waiting until legal proceedings are announced. If the debtor refuses to pay, then not only is it a time-consuming process, the chances that the debtor will have to pay the costs of the legal proceedings increases too. In most cases, this is a much larger amount than the original unpaid invoice.

“Bierens are specialists in the field of business-to-business debt recovery. Their approach stands for quality, decisiveness, and results, which is exactly what KLM is looking for.”

Ben Blad / KLM

No Cure No Pay debt collection lawyer

Debt recovery based on No Cure No Pay? Then you need to hire a debt collection lawyer. If our debt collection lawyers are unsuccessful in retrieving your outstanding invoice, then you do not have to pay any additional fees. In that case, you only pay the standard administrative costs of €185,-. Moreover, we do not charge subscription fees, which limits your risk. After all, an unpaid invoice already causes enough frustration. We believe it would be unfair if you were to be faced with additional costs.
However, our debt collection lawyers do more than that. If our debt collection lawyers are successful in retrieving your unpaid invoice, then your debtor will have to pay for the additional interest and costs. This way a debt recovery case for your business collections will cost you almost nothing.

Debt collection lawyer fees

Our debt collection lawyers work based on No Cure No Pay and know how to collect your outstanding claims during this process. If legal proceedings are necessary, we will agree upon a fixed hourly fee or rate for the duration of the entire case. Are you worried that you will be faced with a much higher legal fee than expected? That will not be necessary. We will always give you an estimate of the expected costs in advance. This way you will always know what to expect and we will only start the debt collection procedure after receiving your permission.

Renowned debt recovery agency

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is a renowned debt recovery agency with a very high success rate. Established in 1952, we soon discovered that our specialty and our passion lay in debt collection cases and payment conflicts. We have now handled more than €4,278,953,071 worth of debt collection cases. Due to our high level of expertise, we are able to successfully solve most debt collection cases.

We specialise in business debt collections

  • Successful collection since 1952
  • No Cure No Pay debt collection
  • More resources than a debt collection agency
  • 24/7 access to our portal
  • For SMEs and multinationals
  • High customer satisfaction with a 9.0/10 rating
  • International expertise
  • Immediate action after uploading your claim

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We do everything in our power to assist our customers in the best possible way. On average, our customers rate our debt recovery services with a 9/10. Curious to know what our clients say about us? More than 900 customers have rated our services with a 9/10 on Kiyoh

“Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers has been a reliable partner of SAP for years. They have proven their efficiency and decisiveness when it comes to an effective debt recovery policy.”

Gerard van Tilburg / SAP

International debt collection lawyers

Our debt collection lawyers can help you with your outstanding claims in the UK, Europe, and globally. Our firm employs debt collection lawyers and specialists from various European countries. This is also necessary, as debt collection is a profession in its own right. Every country has different business practices, cultures, and different tactics to get debtors to pay. Our debt collection lawyers understand the different rules and regulations, cultural differences, and speak the same language as your debtor.

When legal debt recovery is involved, there can be several differences between countries too. Each country has its own legal system with its own rules and regulations. For example, if you have a debt recovery case in Spain, then you will need a Spanish debt collection lawyer for legal collection proceedings. That is why we have debt collection lawyers from various European countries. This way we can always assist you with your international debt collection cases.

Our debt collection lawyers are members of the Bar Association

Would you like to be assured that your debt is recovered correctly? Then you should hire a debt collection lawyer. A debt collection agency does not adhere to the same legal requirements and cannot guarantee that your debt is recovered in a proper manner. The same applies to the working method of these collection agencies, as they collect debt differently than debt recovery agencies.

More specifically, every lawyer must comply with the strict requirements of the Bar Association. If a lawyer does not comply with these rules, they can no longer practice law. A debt collection agency, however, does not have the same regulations. With a debt collection lawyer, you are always assured of the correct handling of your case nationally or internationally.

Our international debt collection lawyers are affiliated with the Bar Association in their country. This means that we can always guarantee that the rules and regulations are always followed and that there is absolutely no question of fraudulent practices.

Why choose Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers?

    • Specialists in national and international debt collection
    • In-house debt recovery specialists and lawyers
    • Success rate of 95%
    • High-quality ISO certification (27001 and 9001)
    • 24/7 access to our online portal
    • High customer satisfaction with a rating of 9.0/10 (based on 900+ reviews)
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Our debt collection lawyers

Bierens has a large team of debt collection lawyers, consisting of debt collection specialists, attorneys, and solicitors. We ensure that your case is dealt with by the right specialist. In most cases, this is someone who is experienced in your industry and is specialised in the debt recovery laws of the country your debtor is established. This way you can be assured that the right debt collection solicitor will be working on your case.

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