Looking for the best debt collection agency?

Are you looking for the best collection agency to collect your outstanding debts? Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers are a reputable collection agency with a very high success rate. Because we have more means to collect than a regular debt recovery agency, we always know how to collect outstanding invoices quickly and effectively. And that is good for your organisation: you can have your money back and in your bank account, quickly.

The best debt collection agency according to our customers

Since 1952 we have been helping companies with their outstanding invoices throughout Europe. From that date, we have handled more than €4,278,953,071 in collections. On average our customers rate our collection services 9/10. But that’s not all. We don’t just focus on satisfied customers. We also consider it important to approach debtors with respect. Although debtors are generally not happy when we contact them, we always treat debtors correctly. As a law firm we always follow the law.

More resources than a debt collection agency

On top of this, as a collection law firm we have more means to collect than a regular collection agency. A standard collection agency cannot actually do anything that you can’t do yourself: request your debtor to pay by letter and telephone. But we can. As a law firm, we can also take legal action should you debtor still not pay. In most cases this is not necessary, but for debtors it is a reason to pay quickly: debtors usually don’t want legal proceedings.

No cure no pay

We believe you shouldn’t have to bear any unnecessary costs. That is why, we work on a variation to "No Cure, No Pay". If we collect the full amount including interest and costs, you pay nothing at all; unlike other collection agencies who will charge you a success fee. And if we don’t collect anything, you only pay €75 in basic costs. These are external costs that we are obligated to charge you for by the Bar Association. With this No Cure, No Pay variation, the risk to your organisation remains low.

More information

Would you like more information about our services, do you have a question about a debt collection case or do you have an outstanding business invoice? Then get in touch. Our debt collection lawyers and specialists are happy to advise on your situation and your possibilities.