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Are you responsible for the collection of outstanding invoices within your organisation? For a number of filmmakers, your daily work has been a source of inspiration for making a film. Although your work probably (and hopefully) contains little crime, action or violence, this is usually the case in these films. Have you seen them yet?

1. The Debt Collector

As a gym owner, ‘French’ teaches martial arts. However, French has trouble keeping his head above water with his gym. He is therefore going to work for Tommy, a criminal from California, where he has to find people who owe Tommy money. French doesn't exactly use the collection techniques you are used to from our office… But for those who love action movies, this film is worth watching!

2. The Bill Collector

This comic film is about Lorenzo Adams, an employee of a collection agency. While he tries to collect debts from other companies, he is suddenly confronted with an old debt from his past. Lorenzo is given three weeks to repay $100,000 for an illegal loan. An impossible task, which is why Lorenzo comes up with a plan: he wants to scam the debt collection agency and a church organisation. But that doesn't go quite according to plan…

3. The debt / Oliver’s deal

This thriller isn't about strange debt collection practices, but it's about debt. In this case, it is the Peruvian government that has a debt to the population. A long-forgotten debt, which businessman Oliver Campell is trying to get his hands on. But in order to pay for the deal, the government has to make substantial cuts. And that has very unpleasant and dramatic consequences for the Peruvian population. This film shows how far people can go for money.

4. Widows

The crime thriller Widows follows 4 women who have little to do with each other on the face of it. Except that their men wanted to commit a robbery together, which unfortunately didn't end well. Their criminal husbands have left a large debt, and the 4 widows are chased by the creditors. The ladies therefore decide to join forces and to bring the robbery that their husbands wanted to commit to a successful conclusion.

5. Forgive us our debts / Rimetti a Noi I Nostri Debiti

A man has recently lost his job, which means he's running out of money. He is threatened by his creditors, so he decides to work for a bailiff. But he soon finds out that he has made a pact with the devil, which has pretty nasty consequences for him…

More debt collection movies

In addition to these 5 films, there are, of course, other films that are related to our field of expertise. What other films are missing from our list? Let us know!