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Get your commercial claims paid with the help of a business debt recovery solicitor. With a success rate of 95%, our debt recovery solicitors collect your unpaid debts on a No Win No Fee basis. Whether you have a national or international debt, there is no need to write off your debt. Our debt recovery solicitors have the knowledge, experience and effective measures to recover your business debt.

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How can our debt recovery solicitors help you?

Our debt recovery process always starts in the pre-legal phase. This means that our debt recovery solicitors can collect your claim without court intervention. In 95% of the cases that we solve, we are also successful in doing so. If your debtor refuses to pay, then we can proceed with judicial debt recovery proceedings. More specifically, once we have received a verdict from the court, we are also authorized to enforce these measures.

Business debt recovery solicitor

As a debt recovery law firm, we specialize in business debt recovery and have been doing so since 1952. Over the years, we have helped over 24.000 companies across various industries. Whether your company is operational in the retail, agriculture or transport sector, we cover it all. With over 115 specialists, we ensure that the most experienced and equipped debt recovery solicitor is assigned to your case.

Disputed or undisputed cases? Our debt recovery solicitors can help!

  • Customised approach
  • Draft demand letters and contact your debtor in their native language
  • Access to local and national databases
  • Single point of contact with your case handler
  • Immediate action after uploading your claim

Debt recovery solicitor No Win No Fee

Our debt recovery solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that if we are unable to successfully retrieve your payment, then you only pay our standard fee with no additional charges. When we are successful in recovering your payment, we ensure that your debtor pays our fees.

If legal proceedings are necessary, we will agree upon a fixed hourly fee for the duration of the entire case. We always provide an estimate of the expected costs in advance. This way you will always know what to expect and we will only start the legal debt recovery procedure after receiving your permission.

International debt recovery solicitors

No matter where your debtor is located, we ensure there is a native debt recovery solicitor assigned to your case. With a team of over 115 specialists from all over the world, there is always a specialist who is well versed with the local rules and regulations of your debtor’s country. Our debt collection solicitor can determine the best course of action while communicating in the same language as your debtor. This way, our native debt recovery solicitor eliminated any cultural or language barriers, increasing your chances of successful international debt recovery.

We specialize in debt recovery

  • Successful in debt recovery since 1952
  • No Win No Fee debt recovery
  • Success rate of 95%
  • For SMEs and multinationals
  • National and international expertise

Why choose debt recovery solicitors instead of a regular debt recovery agency?

As a debt recovery law firm, our debt recovery solicitors have more resources than a regular debt recovery agency. Sending your debtor standardized demand letters or continuously calling your debtor may not always have an effect. With Bierens debt recovery solicitors by your side, your debtor knows we mean business. We will do our utmost to recover your debt. Contact us today and find out more.

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