Amicable debt collection

Amicable debt collection, also known as pre-legal debt collection, is a procedure whereby we retrieve your invoices without the intervention of the court. Our preferred approach is to solve your debt collection case in the pre-legal debt collection phase. In fact, 95% of the cases that we solve are successfully collected during this phase, which is much more efficient and cost-effective for your debt collection case.

Our pre-legal debt collection procedure

Our debt collection specialists have a variety of resources to contact your debtor and to ensure the payment of the claim in the pre-legal debt recovery phase. Our specialist will contact your debtor by phone, post and e-mail.

Sending a payment reminder during the pre-legal debt recovery

In the pre-legal debt recovery phase, we will always start by sending a payment reminder. In this letter, we kindly remind your debtor that there is an unpaid invoice and request your debtor to complete the payment. In certain cases, we also indicate that legal action may be implemented if the letter is ignored.

Calling your debtor during the pre-legal debt recovery

If we cannot contact your debtor by post, then we will call your debtor on your behalf. During our pre-legal debt collection phase, our debt collection specialists focus on the following three points.

  • Awareness: is your debtor aware of the outstanding claim? Our debt collection specialist will mention the previous communication that has taken place and state specific details such as the invoiced amount or when the payment was due.
  • Acknowledgement: does your debtor admit they have indeed not paid the invoice? Or does your debtor have any other reasons for non-payment? Then our debt collection specialist will carefully listen and ask the correct questions to understand why the payment has not been made.
  • Response: your debtor will be asked to make the payment as soon as possible. The specific payment date will then be conveyed via email. Your debtor will also be made aware of the consequences of these agreements are not adhered to and which legal proceedings may follow.

Payment arrangement

In some cases, we can make a payment arrangement with your debtor. This is only done for specific cases, if for example, it takes too long for your debtor to transfer the entire claim. If a debtor requests a new payment arrangement, we will always discuss the new payment terms with you. The advantage of a payment arrangement is that if the debtor does not comply with the arrangement, the debtor can no longer dispute the claim. After all, by agreeing to a new payment arrangement, your debtor automatically acknowledges that there is an unpaid invoice.

Contacting your debtor

When contacting your debtor, our debt collection specialists have several resources readily available. If legal proceedings are necessary, then we will always consult databases to assess your debtor’s financial situation. In certain cases, we may also involve private investigators.

Advantages of hiring Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

  • We contact your debtor by phone, post and e-mail
  • We catch your debtor off guard, meaning there is no time for your debtor to make excuses
  • Our specialists effectively and efficiently deal with your debtor in a timely manner
  • We talk to your debtor in their own language, making your debtor more cooperative
  • Our debt collection specialists actively listen and ask the correct questions
  • We have contacts with bailiffs and private detectives
  • Customised approach for your debt collection case
  • Access to the largest debt collection databases
  • Experience in the local business culture
  • Your debtor is dealing with a third party who is emotionally detached from the case
  • You can maintain your business relationship with your customer
  • We can initiate legal proceedings on your behalf
  • We carry legal authority making your debtor more inclined to pay

Customised approach

We always ensure that our pre-legal debt collection procedure is customised according to your debt collection case. We strongly believe our approach is firm and always fair. We will always approach your debtor in a respectful manner and will determine the best course of action according to your debt collection case.

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With over 115 lawyers and specialists from different legal expertise and backgrounds, our debt recovery lawyers have the most effective resources, experience and knowledge. If you wish to retrieve your payment  amicably without court intervention, our debt collection specialists can help you retrieve your payment.

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