Judicial debt collection

Do you have a debtor who refuses to pay your invoices? Have you exhausted all pre-legal measures, and do you have to consider more effective measures? Then you may have to initiate legal procedures for debt recovery against your debtor. Our debt collection specialists have the knowledge and experience in the legal system in the UK and know how to retrieve your invoices.

How does legal debt collection work in the UK?

Before initiating legal procedures for debt recovery against your debtor, we will always try to recover your debt during the pre-legal debt collection phase. This means that we will not involve the court and will try to retrieve your payment by calling your debtor and sending demand letters.

Initiating legal procedures for debt recovery

Our specialists will thoroughly investigate your debtor’s financial situation. With the help of financial databases and, where necessary, private investigators, we will determine the best course of action before initiating legal procedures for debt recovery. Our debt collection specialists will look into the claim and consider which approach is more suitable for your debt collection case.

Which legal actions can we undertake?

After conducting a feasibility study, we can start legal procedures for debt recovery in consultation with you. In the UK we can initiate the following procedures on your behalf.

  1. Small Claim procedure: for smaller outstanding claims of a value up to £10,000
  2. Fast Track procedure: for claims of a value between £10,000 and £25,000
  3. Multi Track procedure: for claims with a value of £25,000 or more and for very complex cases
  4. Winding Up Petition: a legal demand that can place a debtor's company into compulsory liquidation

Why choose Bierens?

  • Debt collection throughout the UK
  • 24/7 online access to our portal
  • Deploy appropriate resources
  • Contacts with private detectives
  • Customised business debt collection
  • Knowledge on judicial debt collection procedures in the UK
  • Access to the largest B2B databases
  • Our specialists effectively and efficiently deal with your debtor in a timely manner

Limitation period

limitation period
Note that an unpaid invoice cannot be collected indefinitely. Invoices always have a limitation period, which is a set date after which the invoice can no longer be collected through court intervention. In the UK, many business claims have a limitation period of 6 years.

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Our specialists  

Once you have exhausted all pre-legal measures you may have to consider initiating legal proceedings against your debtor. Our debt collection specialists and lawyers have extensive knowledge on the rules and regulation on legal debt collection procedures in the UK. Contact us for more information and find out how we can solve your debt collection case.

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