Final payment reminder

With a final payment reminder, you remind your debtor that there is an outstanding invoice that must be paid. Your debtor is requested to complete the payment within 5 days. Before sending a final payment reminder, send an initial friendly reminder informing your debtor of the unpaid invoice. If you still have not received the payment, then you can send a final payment reminder. Often the final payment reminder is firmer and more formal. Your debtor is also made aware of the consequences if the payment has not been completed.

Sending your debtor a final payment reminder

A final payment reminder should be sent immediately after the due date stated in the invoice. Our advice is to act as soon as possible so that you can act swiftly if additional measures are needed. In most cases, a debtor will make the payment after the initial reminder has been sent. In most cases, a final payment reminder is used as a last resort to claim your payment amicably. Therefore, before sending the final payment reminder, you should have already tried to establish contact with your debtor.

Hiring a debt collection agency

If your debtor fails to respond to your payment reminders, you can hire a debt collection agency for the final payment reminder. Our debt collection specialists and lawyers can draft a final payment reminder on your behalf. The letter will be written in the same language as your debtor. Together with your caseworker, you can decide on how you wish your debtor to be approached. Since our specialists are experienced in multiple industries, we can adjust the final payment reminder according to your needs and what is most suitable for your business operations.

What can we do for you?

  • Draft final payment reminders in the same language as your debtor
  • Adjust final payment reminders according to your needs
  • Draft final payment reminders according to your industry
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What should be included in a final payment reminder?

A final payment reminder is often the last step in retrieving your unpaid invoice without court intervention. Often a final payment reminder has a more strict and firmer tone and includes the following:

Refer to the unpaid invoice

A final payment reminder should indicate which outstanding invoice is involved. You should mention which products or services have been delivered, the invoice number, the invoiced amount and the due date of this invoice. The clearer the final payment reminder, the more likely it is that your debtor will pay the invoice as soon as possible.

Include all costs

In addition to the amount of the outstanding invoice, mention any additional costs that will be incurred. These could include interest and collection costs. State these clearly in the final payment reminder.

Indicate the account to which the payment should be transferred to

In order to retrieve your payment as soon as possible, it is important to indicate the account to which the payment should be made. This makes it much easier for the debtor to complete the payment.

Specify a concrete payment term

Inform your debtor of the due date of the outstanding amount. It is important to be as concrete as possible. It is therefore always better to indicate a specific date instead of stating "a payment within 7 days". For business claims, we advise a payment term of 5 business days. However, a payment term shorter or longer than 5 days is also customary.

Clearly state the consequences of late payment

In the final payment reminder, it is important to state the consequences if the payment has not been made. Most often your debtor is more inclined to pay, especially after knowing that the additional charges will be paid by the debtor or if legal action will be considered.

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Is a final payment reminder send by e-mail legally valid?

It is always best to have established contact with your debtor first before sending the final payment reminder. A final payment reminder can also be sent through e-mail. If your debtor refuses to respond, then you can also submit the final payment reminder through registered post. Should legal proceedings be necessary, then you will always have proof of your efforts of contacting your debtor.

What can our international specialists do for you?

Sending a final payment reminder is often the last resort of retrieving your claim amicably. With Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers, our lawyers can assist you to draft the final payment reminder in the same language as your debtor and customise it according to your debt collection case. Since we carry legal authority your debtor will also be more inclined to pay. Contact us today for more information.

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