Letter before action

A letter before action informs your debtor that if the debt is not settled within a given period, you will begin court proceedings. It is the last letter you send before initiating legal action to recover a debt. The letter before action is written according to the civil procedure of your debtor’s country. Our lawyers can help you draft a letter before action in the same language as your debtor according to their legal system. Our international lawyers explain everything you need to know below.

When should you send a letter before action?

Has your debtor failed to respond to your payment reminder or final payment reminder or notice of default, then you may consider sending a letter before action. With a letter before action, you give your debtor one final opportunity to complete the payment.

What should be included in a letter before action?

  • Include your company details and those of your debtor
  • Include all relevant financial information
  • Include the amount of the invoice including the additional charges for interest and costs
  • Include details about the original agreements that led to the debt, such as the date the agreement was made and who signed the agreement
  • How the situation could still be resolved; the amount you want paid
  • The deadline for payment, usually a period of 14 days
  • How the debt should be paid, contact details to discuss payment
  • Your intention to start legal proceedings if the debtor does not reply

Letter before action sample

A letter before action often has a specific format that must be adhered to. In some cases, a letter before action will have to drafted according to your specific case. Our debt collection specialists and lawyers can assist you in drafting a letter before action according to your needs. You can download a free sample below.

Letter before action in the language of your debtor

Whether you have a French, German, Spanish or any other foreign debtor, our lawyers can draft a letter before action in the language of your debtor. With native in-house lawyers with knowledge of their country’s legal systems, we have the knowledge and experience to retrieve your outstanding claims.

What can we do for you?

  • Draft letter before action in the same language as your debtor
  • Customized letter before action
  • Adjust letter before action according to your needs
  • Draft letter before action according to your industry
  • Knowlege on judicial procedures in your debtor's country
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Our international specialists?

Sending a letter before action is the last step before initiating legal proceedings. Our debt collection specialists can help you draft a letter before action relevant to your case and industry. Most importantly, since our native in-house specialists draft letters before action in the language of your debtor, they are more inclined to pay. Contact us today for more information.

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