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Drafting and Reviewing Business Contracts

Conducting business starts with a good contract. The use of a good contract can prevent many legal conflicts. Do you want to draw up a new contract or would you like one reviewed? Our lawyers ensure that your contracts are tailored to your specific situation. 

Are you having an issue with your business partner? Are they failing to comply with the terms of the contract? In this case, our specialists will do their utmost to solve your problem as quickly as possible. 

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Contract negotiations 

Before a contract is concluded, you and your new business partner will negotiate the terms and conditions under which you will conduct business. This is also known as the pre-contractual phase. Our lawyers will help you during this phase to ensure that your new contract fits in perfectly with your situation. In addition, we can help you draw up a confidentiality agreement and a letter of intent. 

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  • Drawing up contracts 

Drawing contract

Do you need to draft a contract? Drawing up a contract is, in most cases, tailor-made. Our specialists in contract law ensure that your agreements are tailored to your specific situation. In this way, your risks remain limited. We can help you draw up various business contracts: 

  • Agency Agreement 
  • Distribution agreement 
  • Franchise agreement 
  • Lease-purchase agreement 
  • Rental agreement 
  • Sales contract 
  • Lease contract 

Has your business partner asked you to sign a contract? We highly advise that you have it checked by an expert before you sign anything. This ensures the contract works for both of you. Are you curious whether your current contracts are still up-to-date? Please feel free to contact our specialist lawyers. They will always give you honest and clear advice about your contract. 

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International contracts 

Do you conduct business across the border? In this case, it is important to have good business contracts in place. With international contracts, there are a number of extra points of interest: which law is applicable to the agreement? After all, the law is different in every country. Are you going to contract under the law of your business partner or your own law?  

And when a conflict arises: which court is competent to rule on the conflict? Your judge or the judge residing in the country of your debtor? What is most advantageous for your situation is different for each situation. Whatever you choose, it is important to record this properly, otherwise it can lead to complicated situations. For example, if your debtor is German, a German judge has to judge according to your law. This is highly undesirable because the German judge has no knowledge of your law. Always ask for advice from a specialist. Our international lawyers will be happy to help you draw up your international agreement. 

Legal conflicts 

Although with a good contract you can avoid most legal conflicts, it is of course always possible that a discussion or conflict arises with your business partner. In this case, wcan also assist you. We always do our utmost to resolve any conflict for your organisation as quickly and as well as possible. And we prefer to do so without the intervention of a judge. Is going to court unavoidable? Then we will assist you during the legal proceedings and fight for the best result for your organisation. 

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Terminating a contract 

If you want to end the collaboration with another party, you can choose to end the contract. You can terminate a contract prematurely however, keep in mind that this can have consequences for your organisation. For example, you may have to pay compensation to the other party because the partnership has been terminated. 

Always ask a specialist for advice on your rights and obligations regarding the termination of a contract. This way, you will prevent the termination of a cooperation from turning into a legal conflict. 

Our lawyers 

Bierens has a large team of international lawyers. They have a great deal of knowledge and experience in drafting, monitoring and advising on business contracts. Do you have a question for our specialists? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. 

Contact with a lawyer 

Would you like more advice about contracting?  Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists in the field of contract law will always give you clear and honest advice. 

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