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Debt Collection Prevention

Do you always send an invoice to your customers when your work is finished, and your contract is completed? If your customers don’t have to pay immediately, then you are actually giving your customers credit. Until the invoice has been paid in full, you run the risk that your debtor is unwilling or unable to pay. And unpaid invoices can have a significant impact on your business operations. 

Collecting unpaid invoices costs your organisation extra time and effort. And if it is not possible to collect this debt yourself, a collection agency or lawyer must be called in. In the worst case, the claim must even be written off. You have then worked for nothing. This is not only incredibly unfair, it usually also has a negative impact on your liquidity. Especially if there are several debtors who do not pay their invoices (on time). 

Consequences of non-payment 

A high number of unpaid invoices can have far-reaching consequences for your organisation. There are often companies that get into trouble because their debtors do not pay their invoices. You wouldn’t be the first company to go bankrupt because your customers don't pay or pay late. 

You don't want to take that risk, do you? 

That is why it is important to keep your debtor risk as low as possible. After all, you want to avoid debt collection issues as much as possible. In the ideal situation, everyone pays their invoices on time and debt collection will never occur again. A utopia? Not as far as we are concerned. Because practice has shown that many collections could have been avoided. And we are happy to share that knowledge with you. 

Reduce the number of collection cases by 70%

Please contact our specialists. Our credit consultants and collection specialists will be happy to help you reduce your number of debt collection cases. By implementing improvements, you can minimise the number of collection cases by 70%. Together with you, we make sure that collections are a thing of the past. 

Our services to prevent debt collections:

  • Legal Credit Scan: mapping out your risks and areas for improvement
  • Drawing up legally strong general terms and conditions
  • Drawing up legally strong contracts 
  • Support in case of securities: guarantee that you will be paid 
  • Support with accounts receivable management 

Would you like to know how your organisation currently stands with regard to credit management, accounts receivable management and legal risks? Then take the Legal Credit Scan! In this scan, our consultants look closely at your order-to-cash process. The entire process is examinedfrom purchase contracts to the sending of a letter of formal noticeour consultants will be happy to work with you to see where any bottlenecks and points for improvement lie for your organisation. In addition, they will provide you with concrete improvement actions that will enable you to reduce the number of outstanding invoices. This way, you no longer have to run an unnecessary risk. And that's a much more enjoyable way for conducting business. 

“Bierens and its team of international lawyers understand the needs of companies and can adapt to any situation.”

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Business Contracts

Conducting business starts with a good contract. The use of a good contract can prevent many legal conflicts. Before concluding a contract, you and your new business partner will negotiate the terms and conditions under which you will conduct business. This is also known as the pre-contractual phase. Our lawyers will help you during this phase to ensure that your new contract fits in perfectly with your situation. In addition, we can help you draw up a confidentiality agreement and a letter of intent.

Drafting and checking general terms and conditions 

With good general terms and conditions, it is clear to your customer under which conditions you want to conduct business. For example, you can stipulate in the general terms and conditions about payment and delivery. This prevents invoices from not being paid at a later stage. But it is not only debt collection that you can avoid with good general terms and conditions, you can also limit other legal risks with them. This will make conducting business with them so much easier. 

Our lawyers will help you draw up legally sound general terms and conditions. We ensure that your general terms and conditions are perfectly in line with your business operations, so that your risks are limited as much as possible. This prevents a lot of discussions in the future. So, you can conduct business with peace of mind. 

Your advantages: 

  • Reduce bad debt risk 
  • Faster payment by your customers 
  • More insight into your financial risks 
  • More efficient credit management processes 
  • Policy development and reporting structure 
  • Less risk of business conflicts 
  • Concrete improvement actions with which you can start immediately 
  • Drawing up and checking contracts 

Agreements are made with every contract. It is important that these agreements are laid down and documented when writing a contract. This means that you can always rely on this contract in the event of a discussion or lack of clarity. In practice, however, agreements are not properly recorded, with all the consequences that this entails. 

Our lawyers will help you draw up legally sound contracts. We ensure that your contracts are perfectly suited to your situation. This makes it clear to all parties what is expected, so that the chance of legal conflicts is much smaller. 


Having the certainty that you will be paid for your products or services: that's what everyone wants, isn't it? If you are going to conduct business with another organisation, you can agree on a number of certainties. For example, by agreeing on a pledge or retention of title. This gives you more guarantee that you will be paid. 

Our specialist insolvency lawyers will help you draw up securities. A right of pledge is a separate document; a retention of title is usually included in the general terms and conditions. It is important that these documents are tailored to your specific situation, so that your security for payment is the highest. 

Advice and improvement of debtor management 

By using general terms and conditions and contracts, you can avoid many debt collection and other payment conflicts. However, you may still have to deal with unpaid invoices. Then it is important to act quickly and properly. Good debtor management is therefore very important in order to keep the number of outstanding invoices as low as possible: sending invoices on time and taking immediate action when the payment term has expired. 

But it is also important to monitor the current customer base so that you can respond to any changes with your customers. What signals should you pay attention to? And how can you reduce DSO? Our credit consultants and collection specialists take a critical look at how your accounts receivable management is organised. We give advice on what improvements are needed and help you implement them. From the letter you send to adjusting internal processes and providing telephone training, we ensure that the number of debt collection cases is greatly reduced. 

Our services for improving your debtor management: 

  • Debtor analysis 
  • Setting up a strict payment reminder process 
  • Advice on letters of formal notice 
  • Giving a telephone training course 
  • Access to a debt collection specialist 
  • Credit management advice 
  • Tips to avoid a debt collection case 

Would you like to know what you can do yourself to prevent debt collection cases as much as possible? Then download our e-book ‘Debt collection prevention'. In this e-book, our debt collection specialists and lawyers pool their knowledge in the field of debt collection. Thanks to their many years of experience in solving debt collection cases, they know perfectly well how to prevent unpaid invoices. 

Reduce your debtor risk with the help of a specialist 

Do you also want to ensure that your debtor risk is limited as much as possible? Our specialists will be happy to look with you to see where any bottlenecks and points for improvement lie for your organisation. In addition, they will provide you with concrete improvement actions that you can immediately start working with. This way, you no longer have to take unnecessary risks. And that's a much more enjoyable way of doing business. 

Contact with a debt collection specialist 

Would you like to receive more information about how to prevent debt collection cases? Please feel free to contact us. Our debt collection specialists will be happy to help you find out what improvements are needed for your organisation. 

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