Debt Collection Globally

Debt collection globally

Do you have a foreign debt collection case outside Europe? If so, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your debtor pays your outstanding claim. Our global debt collection agency can approach your debtor in their own language and have the international knowledge and experience to retrieve your foreign debt.

Where is your debtor located?

Do you have a foreign debt collection case in one of the following countries? Find out what our global debt collection law firm can do for you. If your country is not listed below, feel free to contact us.

How does global debt recovery work?

The global debt recovery process can be divided into two phases. In the pre-legal phase, we collect your foreign debt without the intervention of the court, whereas during the legal phase we do involve the court. Because we are a law firm, we can assist you during both phases.
What if your debtor still fails to pay? Then our global debt collection law firm will call in one of our specialised debt collection partners based in the country your foreign debtor is located. We have a carefully selected network of partners who are fully qualified and aware of the local laws and regulations.

Pre-legal global debt recovery

During the pre-legal global debt recovery phase, our lawyers will contact your foreign debtor by either calling your or sending payment reminders. In most cases, we can get your debtor to pay during this phase. However, if your debtor refuses to pay, you may choose to initiate legal debt recovery proceedings.

Legal global debt recovery

If your debtor refuses to pay and you decide to initiate legal debt recovery proceedings, then this is where it may get more challenging. Before even starting legal proceedings, you will have to decide on which court has jurisdiction and which law is applicable. Determining these aspects and initiating global debt recovery proceedings can be extremely complicated, which is why you can rely on our global debt collection agency.

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