Unpaid Invoices

Unpaid Invoices

Do you have an unpaid invoice? Regardless if you are a small business owner or a multinational, unpaid invoices can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming to collect. Since unpaid invoices can impact your cash flow or business operations, it is important to act fast. Over the years our debt collection lawyers have been able to gain practical knowledge and experience on recovering unpaid invoices. This is what you can do to prevent unpaid invoices altogether.

How to collect unpaid invoices from a customer?

  1. Follow up on the facts. Make sure to gather all the relevant facts and information on the unpaid invoice, such as the amount of the claim, invoice number, and due date of the unpaid invoice.
  2. Send your debtor a payment reminder. A payment reminder is often one of the first steps you can take to recover an unpaid invoice. With a payment reminder, you inform your debtor of the unpaid invoice and request them to complete the payment.
  3. Call your debtor. You can also call your debtor and request them to pay the unpaid invoice. Our debt collection specialists have compiled a list of 6 tips for calling debtors, which you can use to prepare.
  4. Send your debtor a final payment reminder. If your debtor refuses to respond to your payment reminder or phone calls, you can consider sending a final payment reminder. In a final payment reminder, you highlight the consequences if the debtor fails to repay the unpaid invoice.
  5. Hire a debt collection law firm. Hiring a debt collection law firm increases the chances of successfully collecting your unpaid invoice. With more resources than a regular debt collection agency, we will reach out to your debtor on your behalf. Moreover, we are authorized to initiate and enforce legal action if necessary.
  6. Consider judicial debt collection. If your debtor fails to respond, you may consider taking legal action. With the help of financial databases and private investigators, we can determine the best course of action that will recover your unpaid invoices.
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Recover your unpaid invoices on a No Win No Fee principle

Our debt collection law firm works on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that for undisputed cases, we charge a fixed amount of €185 for research costs. This is then used to investigate your debtor. Once we have successfully retrieved your invoice, your debtor pays our collection fees. Most importantly, you face minimal risk in retrieving your claim.

This means that in principle, we charge 5% of the claim including €185 for research costs, with a maximum of 15% of the entire claim. If your debtor rejects the claim and raises a defence, then we will discuss this in consultation with you.

Recovering unpaid invoices in the UK

In order to recover your unpaid invoices in the UK, there are several legal procedures that we can deploy. Depending on the complexity of your case, our lawyers can apply for the small claims, fast track, multi-track and winding-up petition. In addition, once a court order has been obtained we can also enforce these verdicts.

Recovering international unpaid invoices

For your international unpaid invoices, we have a team of over 115 native debt collection lawyers and specialists from Europe’s leading economies. Each is fluent in their native language and well versed in the legal system of their country. Therefore, also for your international unpaid invoices, we ensure the correct specialist is assigned for your case.

For example, if you have a company based in Germany, and you have an unpaid invoice from a Polish customer, then our Polish lawyer will closely work with you to recover your unpaid invoice. Our Polish lawyer can then also lease with our German lawyer if needed. This way, we ensure that language and foreign legislation is no barrier for us.

Avoid having unpaid invoices

In order to avoid unpaid invoices, there are several pointers you can keep in mind before agreeing to a business agreement.

  1. Run a credit check on your customer
  2. Ensure your contract is drafted properly
  3. Set clear terms and conditions
  4. Have a solid credit management system in place

If you need any help with the following, then our debt collection lawyers can help you too.

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