B2B Debt collection

B2B Debt collection

Get your invoices paid with Europe’s leading debt B2B debt collection agency. With experts from over 35 different countries, with legal knowledge and experience in their countries, our debt collection lawyers and specialists have helped over 24.000 companies across the world and across various industries. Let our specialists recover your B2B debt collections while you can solely focus on your own business.

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Quick payments for your B2B debt collections

We take immediate action to recover your B2B debt collections. Since we have helped various companies since 1952, we know how important it is to act fast. Wait too long to act and it may become difficult to contact your debtor or take legal action if necessary. Moreover, you have waited long enough for your payment. That is why we believe in providing quick solutions that will give you maximum results in a short period of time for your B2B debt collections.

Customized solutions

Besides acting fast, we treat each B2B debt collection case individually. Our experience has shown that a one-size-fits-all method rarely works. Each case has its own conditions and should be treated with a customized approach.

For example, if you have unpaid debt from a long-term business partner, you may consider a softer approach than if it’s a one-time customer. Our B2B debt collection specialists can help you determine an approach. We also always consider what impact this will have on your business relations and act according to that.

National and international B2B debt collection agency

Our B2B debt collection agency has the power to eliminate and language or cultural barriers. Since we have native specialists, we always ensure your assigned specialist is familiar with the best B2B debt collection specialists according to your debtors’ country. Whether you have a B2B debt collection in the UK, Europe or globally, we can help you.

What can you expect from us?

With our B2B debt collection agency, we also start out cases in the pre-legal phase. 95% of the cases that we solve are successfully retrieved in this phase on a No Cure No Pay basis. Should legal action be necessary, then our debt collection lawyers have the knowledge and authority to initiate and enforce legal measures.

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As Europe’s leading expert B2B debt collection, sharing knowledge plays an important role. That’s why our experts have compiled this e-book with lots of practical tips that will help you prevent B2B debt collection. Download your copy today!

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B2B debt collection laws

Each country has its own B2B debt collection laws. While in Germany creditors can apply for the Manvarehn, in the Netherlands the Dutch bankruptcy petition is commonly used while in Italy the Ingiunzione di pagamento, also known as the order for payment. Each country has its own B2B debt collection laws which can make legal b2b debt collection very difficult. Check our overview here for specific B2B debt collection laws for each country.

If you and your debtor are members of the European Union, creditors can also consider the European Small Claims procedure or the European Order of Payment.

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