Multi-track claims process and fees

Do you have a debt collection case for a claim with a value of more than £25.000? Then you may have to consider the Multi-track procedure. In most cases, it may take up to one to two years for the court to reach a hearing, followed by a trial that lasts two days or more. The costs will differ depending on the complexity of your case and the actions you have taken before initiating the Multi-track procedure. However, it is important to note that there are no standard procedures for cases that fall under the Multi-track procedure. The court always encourages you to settle the claim without court intervention and mediation. If this is not possible, then court proceedings can be initiated. In both scenarios, we can help you retrieve the payment you are entitled to.

Multi-track procedure in the UK

Once the Multi-track procedure has been initiated, the court will normally hold a case management conference. This is an informal meeting where every member involved in the case will discuss the claim and the appropriate course of action. The case preparations will be discussed, and the judge will ensure that the proper guidelines and procedures are followed. A schedule will be determined including all the necessary steps that must be taken before the actual hearing.

The pre-trial checklist

After the case management conference, the court will send a pre-trial checklist 10 weeks before the trial date. This form helps the judge decide if further action is needed before the trial and confirms that you have correctly followed all the necessary steps. A pre-trial review may also take place after the judge has viewed the pre-trial checklists.

You will then receive a confirmation, including how long the trial will last, a time schedule, and an information package. This includes all relevant documentation for your case including the order and manner in which the evidence should be presented in court. The court will send you a notice of the trial date shortly after any pre-trial review. Note that you must pay the court fees before the actual hearing.

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Multi-track fees

limitation period
For the Multi Track procedure, the mediation costs will be shared with you and your debtor. The court will also order you and your debtor to split the court fees. You must ensure that these court fees are paid on time, otherwise you risk the hearing being removed. Keep in mind that this only includes the court fees and not the additional hourly fees for hiring a solicitor. You can contact our specialist for more detailed information.

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