Debt collection in Transport

Debt collection in the transport sector can be a challenging process. It is important for your business that you are paid on time. Ultimately, you should receive what you are entitled to. As many different parties and agreements are involved between land, air or rail transport, different rules and regulations may apply within the transport sector. Our lawyers have covered several debt collections cases within the transport sector both nationally and internationally. Have you encountered an unpaid invoice and is your client refusing to pay because of the following issues? Then our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you recover your unpaid invoices.

  • The truck broke down causing the transported products to spoil
  • The goods were stolen
  • The goods were damaged during transport
  • Travel documents were incomplete causing a delay at customs
  • The truck driver was delayed due to an accident or road closures
  • Multiple means of transport were involved causing a delay
  • The moment your company is held liable is unclear

Business relations within transport

Companies within the transport sector are characterised by their fast-paced business manner. Whether your company operates by rail, road, air or water, disagreements may occur causing your client to refuse to pay you. Based on our experience, we know that creating sustainable relations is extremely important. Written and formal procedures are not always followed, documented or signed, as relationships are based on trust and verbal commitment. Once the delivery has been made and the pallets have been signed off, only then is there written evidence of the service your company has delivered. Not only do such companies have a national and international flavour, applicable rules and regulations my also depend on the type of product that are being transported.

Common transport laws

As this sector includes a variety of means of transportation, different rules and regulations may apply. Especially since this field is also prone to international businesses, international rules and regulations may differ to those in your own country. If you have an unpaid invoice, you should not wait too long to claim your payment. The limitation period of 1 year applies, which means that if you have an outstanding invoice this must be dealt within a year. Otherwise you may no longer be able to take legal action.

CMR for transportation companies

Other common transport laws include the CMR regulation, which constitutes as a proof of contract by road. It has been signed by almost all European countries and outlines the responsibility that your company should perform and includes instructions that your client should give to you regarding the transport of different types of goods. This document should always be issued by you and signed once the delivery has been made. It contains all the information that you need for an efficient and successful transport. If you need any help or explanation our lawyers can explain how it all works in your specific case.

How can we help you?

Our working method – No Cure No Pay

During the extrajudicial phase, we work based on No Cure No Pay. We believe it is important to try to solve the case during this phase, without court intervention. You will only have to pay €185 for administrative costs. Should legal action be necessary, then we can help you perform a credit check and analyse your debtor’s financial status. We will discuss the costs with you and will only start working on your case after receiving your permission.

International debt collection in transportation

If your client is located abroad, you may also encounter an unpaid invoice. Our team of international experts can get your debtor to pay. They have the knowledge and experience with both national and international debt collection in the transport sector. Based on our experience we have seen that many agreements are made amongst international customers. This also means that there can be an overlap between regulations, causing a lot of confusion. If you need any help with regards to CRM or any other legal matter, you can contact us for more information.

Advantages when hiring our debt collection lawyers

  • We retrieve the payment that you are entitled to
  • No Cure No Pay debt collection
  • Extensive knowledge and experience within the transport sector
  • We can help you with your national and international case
  • We can help you throughout the entire process, from talking to your customer to executing a verdict
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Hiring a transportation dispute lawyer

We understand the payment behaviour of companies in the transportation sector. We know how such agreements should work in theory and in practice. Therefore, we believe that it is important to provide practical advice that is as close to normal business operations as possible. For instance, we look at your operations and see how we can build in checks and balances. In addition, we also ensure that these checks and balances are implemented and executed in the right way.

Our specialists

For years, Bierens has helped many companies across different industries. Our team of debt collection lawyers also specialise in international debt collection. Whether you have a debt collection case in your own country or abroad, our lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to help you. Do you have a client in the transportation industry who has left your invoice unpaid? Does your client claim that the goods are delivered too late or damaged? Or have no clear agreements been made in terms of when your company is liable for the goods? Then send us your invoice right away. Our specialists will immediately start working on your case.

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